Our highly trained engineers set us apart in the industry. We have 36 skilled engineers and designers in our engineering department, so you know we can execute just about any idea you may have. Our state-of-the-art facility is also home to our experienced project managers who work closely with food service equipment dealers, consultants and their clients to ensure accurate input from the beginning plans to the finished product. All “rough-in” information and cut sheets provided are crosschecked against design to ensure a smooth installation.

Our manufacturing process starts in our engineering department with the use of 3-D solid modeling to produce our shop drawings. This state-of-the-art method of shop drawing creation results in a greater attention to detail during the shop drawing process and added confidence that all elements of the product will come together seamlessly.

Our shop drawings are not just lines on paper. Each sheet metal, millwork, tubing, and solid surface part is drawn individually resulting in a completely engineered document, not just a CAD drawing. When a shop drawing has been approved, the modeling software flattens all the pieces and creates exploded views to make assembly easy. When using this software, products that require multiple materials (stainless steel, wood, stone) can be manufactured simultaneously instead of one department waiting on another. Our models also allow the owner and operator to get a better understanding of what their finished product will look like.