After our product leaves the engineering department, it enters our sheet metal processing department where our computer controlled lasers and punches cut the materials to tight tolerances. The speed of the lasers and the forming capabilities of the punches allow us to process over 2 million pounds of metal per year.

The forming department is next. Because of the solid modeling capabilities in engineering, we can bend more intricate shapes thus cutting down on welding and polishing time. Computer controlled press brakes insure accurate parts. The modeling software also produces a list of every part required for the project whether it is a part that we fabricate or something we purchase. All of these items are “kitted” by the time it leaves forming.

Now it’s time to assemble. Our welding department takes over. By using the exploded views produced by the modeling software, our welders can identify how every part fits together. Since the parts have been assembled in a virtual environment using the 3-D modeling software, the assembly goes quickly.

In the polishing department, our skilled polishers grind and blend in the welds to make the product look like it was carved out of a piece of stainless.

Want to add some color to your project? Our millwork department is ready to add everything from laminated plywood panels to our stainless cabinets, millwork cabinets, and any decorative finish you can think of. Additionally, they produce our solid surface tops.

Our stone shop gives our product that solid finish. We work with both man-made and natural stone offering a variety of edge profiles.

Need something cold? Our refrigeration department can take care of that. Our custom refrigerators, freezers, and mechanical cold pans can be configured to meet your needs. Our custom coil design gives a durable interior to our boxes. Our modular drawer models are “bullet proof” and easy to clean. Our foam in place procedure insures the unit is running efficiently.

Our manufacturing process is supervised by a production manager and foremen managing each of the processes as your job moves through the shop – where skilled specialists work on different aspects of your project. At FSF we are dedicated to meeting your schedule and getting your project out on time and on budget.

We have earned a reputation for excellence and exceptional responsiveness to our customers. We are proud of the fact that much of our repeat business is from satisfied customers who recognize our high standards and dedication to quality.